Do you want to escape the rat race, let go of that Sunday night dread and  set up your own vintage business? (We did!)


Maybe you already have a part time business selling vintage or running your own fairs but want to make that jump to full time and follow your dream? (We did!)


Do you need a change in your life, something that can fit around having children, something to bring you the rewards of being your own boss, all on your terms? (We did!)


Or  maybe you need advice on how to make your current business more profitable or to take it to the next level? (Who doesn't?)

Whether you're new to managing a business or you've been doing it for years, let's face it, we all need advice and mentoring sometimes.

Vintage Academy is here for you all. 

Over the last 6 years we have made vintage our business and we love it! Not only do we have a job we enjoy, we have been fortunate for our ventures to be profitable enough to support us financially. We now want to share how we have done it with you all, to inspire you to fulfill your aspirations whatever they may be. So you too can describe why you love your job like we have:

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We love running our own vintage business as we make the decisions and also take the risks...and we only have ourselves to answer to!

We love that we can pick up our children from school and hear about their day at 3.30 when it's fresh rather than 7.00 at night.

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We love that we don't have to be suited and booted at 6am...but can wear what we want!

We love meeting like minded people who also love vintage, who understand the fascination, that simply get it!

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We love that great surprises happen throughout the day: a magazine calls, a customer gives positive feedback...and it's due to our hard work not someone else!

We love that we are our own bosses...if we want to take the morning off or leave early on a Friday we can, , and if that means we work in the evening when the children are asleep, that's cool too!



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